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Shifting demands in Vestas’ changing portfolio trigger reductions in its workforce

To meet the manufacturing requirements of Vestas’ changing product portfolio – including the introduction of its EnVe

Germany may soon deploy drones and remote-controlled submarines for the assessment of offshore wind turbines

As offshore wind turbines perpetually withstand underwater stresses such as hurricanes, waves and sa

Vestas and Utopus Insights to pilot energy forecasting solutions for renewable power plants in Australia

With the increasing amount of renewable energy in the system, grid operators must address the challe

OWC and TCE partner up to facilitate India’s offshore wind targets

With India offering a prospect for continues growth in offshore wind sector, companies are gearing u

Offshore Wind Sector Deal to rescue UK’s clean energy ambition

With Britain’s nuclear energy programme experiencing inconveniences moving forward, the government h

Model of a world transiting from fossil fuels to renewables

An economist from University of Adelaide has modelled substitutions and interactions between a world

Span Access working on a solution to minimise wind turbine downtime and technicians' plights

Scottish company Span Access Solutions Ltd, specialist in alternative access and working at height s

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