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EU grants €10.6 million to HIPERION project

Hybrid Photovoltaics for Efficiency Record using Integrated Optical technology (HIPERION) has been a

World’s renewable energy capacity is rising but not meeting the needs

With the decade closing in at the end of this year, renewable energy capacity is treading to hit the

Vestas and Utopus Insights to pilot energy forecasting solutions for renewable power plants in Australia

With the increasing amount of renewable energy in the system, grid operators must address the challe

These exotic crystal semiconductors could lead to efficient solar cells

Scientists from Rutgers University–New Brunswick have found a novel way of controlling light emitted

With uncertainty over demand, China stays well invested in solar

In 2019 global solar demand may add 125GW of new installations - up from preliminary forecasted and

Model of a world transiting from fossil fuels to renewables

An economist from University of Adelaide has modelled substitutions and interactions between a world

Concentrated solar power gets a superior composite for heat exchangers

Solar power accounts for less than 2 percent of total U.S. electricity.

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