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Offshore Wind Sector Deal to rescue UK’s clean energy ambition

With Britain’s nuclear energy programme experiencing inconveniences moving forward, the government has decided to make offshore wind farms as its gateway to source clean energy - a whooping one third of the country’s electricity by 2030.

The government announced, on Thursday, the Offshore Wind Sector Deal to facilitate its clean energy ambition, with an expectation of UK’s reduced reliance on fossil fuels. The government intends on working with private sectors to power homes and business, of the island nation, with increasing amounts of renewable energy.

The deal is expected to "drive a surge in the clean, green offshore wind revolution... bringing investment into coastal communities and ensuring we maintain our position as global leaders in this growing sector,” Said, Claire Perry, Britain's energy and clean growth minister, in a statement.

The government said that the deal "will mean for the first time in UK history there will be more electricity from renewables than fossil fuels, with 70 percent of British electricity predicted to be from low carbon sources by 2030".

Additionally, it "will look to seize on the opportunities presented by the UK's 7,000 miles of coastline, as the industry continues to be a coastal catalyst for many of the UK's former fishing villages and ports", the government statement said.

The new deal has been put in place after the Japanese corporation, Hitachi, froze construction, in January, of a nuclear power station in Wales owing to fiscal difficulties, impoverishing Britain's low-carbon energy strategy.