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Vestas and Utopus Insights to pilot energy forecasting solutions for renewable power plants in Australia

With the increasing amount of renewable energy in the system, grid operators must address the challe

Safer and efficient secondary Li-ion batteries are being tried out

As the world’s energy sources shift from non-renewables to renewables, our dependancy on reliable an

Sodium-ion batteries are improving

An efficiency of a material as a component for sodium-ion batteries was demonstrated by the research

Advanced battery chemistry for the future

Researchers at Oregon State University (OSU) found a chemical mechanism holds the potential to revol

Surprise power cuts soon to be penalised in India

India will soon approve a power tariff policy that would penalise distribution companies (DISCOMs) f

Europe’s largest - MiRIS energy storage plant inaugurated

CMI Energy, part of CMI Group, inaugurated the Micro Réseau Intégré Seraing (MiRIS) energy storage p

First of its kind: Energy storage system for tidal energy project

A Scottish renewable energy company has connected its tidal energy project with a Tesla made battery

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