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These exotic crystal semiconductors could lead to efficient solar cells

Scientists from Rutgers University–New Brunswick have found a novel way of controlling light emitted

Engineered sorghum enables biodesel production

Scientists at Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center (GLBRC) have developed a process the demonstrate

Offshore Wind Sector Deal to rescue UK’s clean energy ambition

With Britain’s nuclear energy programme experiencing inconveniences moving forward, the government h

Sodium-ion batteries are improving

An efficiency of a material as a component for sodium-ion batteries was demonstrated by the research

Advanced battery chemistry for the future

Researchers at Oregon State University (OSU) found a chemical mechanism holds the potential to revol

Surprise power cuts soon to be penalised in India

India will soon approve a power tariff policy that would penalise distribution companies (DISCOMs) f

Electrolysis an economical source of energy?

Breaking water molecules (H2O) apart in an electrochemical reaction known as electrolysis

With uncertainty over demand, China stays well invested in solar

In 2019 global solar demand may add 125GW of new installations - up from preliminary forecasted and