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EU grants €10.6 million to HIPERION project

Hybrid Photovoltaics for Efficiency Record using Integrated Optical technology (HIPERION) has been a

India’s sustainable energy standards are sinking

Notwithstanding the people’s outrage on the fallen gross domestic product (GDP) rate for the second

Researchers at Rice turn greenhouse gas into a pure liquid fuel

A common greenhouse gas could be repurposed efficiently and sustainably with renewable energy powere

What do the fires in the Amazon mean for India?

An international crisis has been declared with the burning of the largest tropical rainforest in the

World’s renewable energy capacity is rising but not meeting the needs

With the decade closing in at the end of this year, renewable energy capacity is treading to hit the

Safer and efficient secondary Li-ion batteries are being tried out

As the world’s energy sources shift from non-renewables to renewables, our dependancy on reliable an

World Bank Group brings $22.5bn to churn climate actions in Africa

The World Bank Group made several announcements on Wednesday, during the third One Planet Summit to

OWC and TCE partner up to facilitate India’s offshore wind targets

With India offering a prospect for continues growth in offshore wind sector, companies are gearing u