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Europe’s largest - MiRIS energy storage plant inaugurated

MiRIS Plant

CMI Energy, part of CMI Group, inaugurated the Micro Réseau Intégré Seraing (MiRIS) energy storage pilot and europe's largest plant, at Seraing, Belgium.

Located at the CMI Group’s international headquarters, MiRIS features renewable, as well as energy storage systems, and is integrated with a micro-grid.

The purpose of the full-scale pilot project is to demonstrate state of the art integration of intermittent renewable energy resources with battery-based energy storage to produce a fully dispatchable renewable energy resource.

The project consists of renewable systems and energy storage systems. The renewable portion includes a 2 MWh - 1.75 GWh/yr, photovoltaic system with 6,500 roof top and carport panels, while the 4.2 MWh energy storage part consists of a lithium-ion battery system and two different flow battery systems. The technology showcase interconnects with the building’s electrical network and its DSO 15kV distribution service connection. The existing facility consumes approximately 1.3 GWh/yr.

According to the company, Miris will facilitate investigation of the interoperability of renewables and different energy storage technologies for a variety of energy user profiles, particularly with respect to renewable energy time shifting and energy resale to the grid. The plant will also enable evaluation of micro-grid “islanding” operation, potential grid ancillary service opportunities, and the influence of user demand response.